Farm Family Dynamics facilitates exit strategies for retiring farmers, farm transition plans, farm family business organization and strategic planning. Our phased approach takes away the anxiety and puts you in control of your family farm decisions, creating generations of  thriving farm families.

 Click on Joe to see his "Why farm?" interview for the website initative.

Click on Joe to see his "Why farm?" interview for the website initative.

“My role is to facilitate the development of a plan to address the natural changes by a family farm. A plan provides an orderly process that provides clarity and relieves the stress to the farm family. As an independent consultant, I wear the “farm hat” and sell no products. I work for the family farm.”
— Joe Kluender ACFBA, FFI Fellow

Let us make you feel at home; in your home or a local coffee shop. We look forward to meeting your needs personally and specifically. 


Farm Family Dynamics LLC was founded in 2011 by Joe Kluender ACFBA, FFI Fellow. Joe grew up on a family farm in southern Minnesota, eventually becoming the third generation farm owner. During the twenty-five years that Joe operated the farm, Joe developed an intimate relationship with the land and an understanding of the emotional issues surrounding family farms. He developed his expertise in farm family dynamics by earning a certificate in Family Business Advising from the Family Firm Institute in London, England in 2009. Prior to forming Farm Family Dynamics, LLC, Joe was an agricultural business consultant for nine years at LarsonAllen, LLP.

Farm Family Dynamics specializes in facilitating estate plans and exit strategies for retiring farmers, farm transition plans, farm family business organization and strategic planning.


A history of successful planning, and more importantly, successful family transitions - the way you go about it matters.


Phase One: Background

The first step involves meeting you at your farm to listen to your concerns. Each family farm has unique issues that create anxiety and/or threatens the relationships of your farm family. Following our meeting you will receive a written proposal for addressing your issues including a fee estimate and timeline.

Phase Two: Developing the Plan

We involve all stakeholders in developing the plan. We will explore multiple options and together create a “formal” plan to address your farm’s needs. The plan may address multiple issues: e.g. legal structure, cash flow, communications, tax considerations and business organization.

Phase Three: Implementation

Before we put your plan into action we’ll have a family meeting. We include your accountant, lawyer, and other trusted advisors in the process. The plan of action is documented in a final report.

Phase Four: Follow up

We facilitate an annual meeting that holds your farm family accountable to the action plan. Consensual changes to the plan are documented, which helps promote communication and understanding.


We want to help you achieve your goals, and now we have even more to offer. 


Backswath and Farm Family Dynamics have entered into an Alliance with the intent to enhance the value provided to our clients. An alliance initiative can be defined as multiple parties agreeing to collectively focus their marketing, research, and business development efforts.

Backswath and Farm Family Dynamics both provide a range of services and products such as farm business management consulting, succession planning, financial and general business analysis, benchmarking, human resource management, software development and sales, and peer group facilitation.


Stories of success and impact.

We just wanted to say an extra “thank you” for everything you’ve done to help us move forward in this difficult transition process. We are grateful for your advice and wisdom and for holding us accountable in this process...we definitely need that! :) You have been very kind and forthright with our children as well and it is all very much appreciated!
— Tim, Debbie, Brandon, Miranda and Lucas Van't Hul, Iowa

One of the highlights of our year as partners in Saratoga Partnership is to spend an afternoon with Joe for our annual partners meeting. We have been doing this for about four or five years and have thoroughly enjoyed every meeting.

Joe is skilled at keeping the meetings on topic and moving forward. Also, he motivates and even prods us to think about potential opportunities and obstacles that may occur in the future. He congratulates us on “fixing” an identified weakness and helps us turn other potential problems into strengths.

Every year, the partners walk out of the meeting with a common goal and a plan for the upcoming year. What a great feeling.
— Tim, NE Iowa

Joe has done a great job of helping our family farm develop a strategic plan by identifying our strengths, weakness and opportunities. He creates an effective agenda for our annual meetings and facilitates the meeting to keep us on task.
— Duncanson, SC Minnesota

I want to commend you on a very well led session this afternoon. I have been invited to sit in on another meeting between two farming businesses and already wish they had your expertise and input before this point. I may want to have them talk to you in the future. My year has been more complex than expected and I have not started some farms on their transition process. When I do; I will be recommending and involving you.
— Gorman, SC Minnesota
Thank you so very much. I feel the meeting went very well. I feel you handled that meeting so professionally and sensibly, and got the major points taken care of. We have accomplished more in two meetings than has been done in years.
— Julie, E South Dakota

We feel very fortunate to be working with Joe in our family farm transition and succession planning. Joe has been very helpful in bringing professionalism to our family transitional plan. He provided value through his experience, organization, and communication skills. Joe also included input from other professionals, which we appreciated. We definitely needed someone like Joe for direction and a course of action.
— Daly, S Minnesota

Our succession plan would not have happened without Joe. We had been “stuck” for many years trying to come up with a plan that worked for everyone. Joe was able to patiently walk us through a process that helped both generations pinpoint current and future goals. Previously, we were not able to find someone who was knowledgeable in estate planning and understood the farm asset structure and unique needs of farm succession all in such a comfortable environment. Over the years, we had met with many accountants and attorneys but no one was able to facilitate the complete process. Joe already had the resources to connect us to the right professionals to complete our succession plan. He developed a timeline for us and stayed with us through its completion. There are such emotional ties to a farm that it cannot be treated as a normal family business estate.
— Schwartz, SC Minnesota

Thank you again for all your help in putting the meeting together and giving us very good information to help us prepare for what can be a very difficult process for many family farms. It really showed the eight of us that we do share common goals, even though we may have different ideas on how to reach them. Based on the way things are going so far, I’m confident this will be a successful transition. We still have a ways to go, but had it not been for the meeting, we definitely would not have made the progress we’ve made thus far.
— Hall, NE North Dakota
You did an amazing job of bringing this family together to formulate and then carry through with a plan that is unique, but has the potential to serve the greater good of the family for many years to come.”
— Linngren, South Dakota