The Marathon is Over

After six years of planning, the Moes sign farm transition documents 

It’s done. And it’s just beginning.

The “it” is Greg and Jim Moes’ farm business transition plan. After six long, grueling years, the two brothers signed documents in October that officially inks their plan to transition the operation to Greg’s sons, Jacob and Scott, and Jim’s son, Matthew. 

If all goes well, Jacob, Scott and Matthew will each own a third of the operation by 2029. 

“Oct. 15 was a very fulfilling day at the MoDak Dairy,” says Joe Kluender, a farm transition expert with Farm Family Dynamics under contract with Farm Journal’s Legacy Project. He’s worked with the Moes for the past year. “We finalized, signed the transition plan and transferred 28% of the company to the fifth generation.” Read the full article here.